The Global Leader in Extracted Humate (functional carbon) Manufacturing.

Specializing in the wet chemistry extraction of humic and fulvic acids, we offer our activated products in liquid concentrate, 100% soluble powder and PATENTED 100% soluble granule form. Our products are manufactured for worldwide distribution, with production capacity capable of meeting agricultural market demands around the globe.

Our soluble humate products are excellent for:

  • Converting to liquid
  • Fertilizer & seed coating
  • Dry blending with N-P-K fertilizers

We didn’t invent humic, we just perfected it!

Mined in North America, Made in the USA

Exporting to over 40 countries worldwide

Put FUNCTIONAL CARBON back into your soil

Higher yields, start with Humi[K]

For Organic Production

Wet chemistry extraction

Through our proprietary Wet Chemistry extraction process, we ACTIVATE the humate molecules (Humic Acid), making them a functional carbon.

Enhancing metabolic activity in soil is key and one of the main reasons why extracted humates (functional carbons) are so effective when compared to raw material humates. Extracted humates not only enhance metabolic activity, they also enhance chelation, complexation, buffering, nutrient translocation, aggregate stability and soil health. Raw material humates, simply do not.

If your current humic isn’t 100% water soluble… you need to make the switch to Humi[K].

Key benefits of extracted humates (Functional carbon):

  • Enhance nutrient uptake & use efficiency
  • Improve germination rates
  • Increase soil water holding capacity
  • Reduce synthetic fertilizer dependency
  • Maximize yield
  • Cultivate sustainability


Our process begins with the highest quality raw material humate micro-pulverized in its naturally dry form, precisely blended into our proprietary alkaline or acidic wet chemistry formulas and micro-quad
filtered to separate out all insoluble material.

Where other manufacturers offer similar looking products, it is important to note that not all humic products are the same. Many of our competitor’s products are either completely insoluble (raw material humate) or they contain high levels of undissolved solids clogging sprayers and leaving the farmer with nothing but headaches and frustration.

In addition to our wet chemistry extraction, we have developed industry leading spray drying and PATENTED granulation technology to create the world’s finest 100% water soluble, highly concentrated, functional humic acid products.

Remember… We didn’t invent humic, we just perfected it!

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