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High Phenols in Humic Chemistry

At this point, no scientists have been able to provide a descriptive and definitive molecular picture of humic substances. They are polydispersed polyanions and are supermixtures of many different acids containing carboxylate and phenolate groups and others,…

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Humic Acid: Humified Carbon vs. New Carbon

Based on research, humic substances are formed as follows: Lignin Modification Quinone Acid Interactions Microbial Synthesis of Aromatics Sugar Amino Acid Reaction Sequences However, it takes thousands of years of these reactions, coupled with lignin dissolution, to…

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Synthetic nitrogen fertilizers

One of the main reasons for the differences in soil carbon between organic and conventional systems is that synthetic nitrogen fertilizers degrade soil carbon. Research shows a direct link between the application of synthetic nitrogenous fertilizers and…

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Soil Sustainability

In this lecture, Dr. Mir Seyedbagheri, who is an agronomist with the Elmore County extension through the University of Idaho, spoke at the 2013 Sustainable Agriculture Symposium about soil health. His scientific lecture talks about Wet Chemistry…

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Essential Elements for Plant Growth

Primary Macronutrients: The primary nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You may be most familiar with these three nutrients because they are required in larger quantities than other nutrients. These three elements form the basis of the…

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Soil Health: It’s All About the Carbon

Adding carbon to the soil is critical to restoring health to the soil by increasing the organic matter content. Producers in today’s modern agricultural systems are working with soils that contain far less carbon than our soils…

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[PAPER] USDA Research on Humics

Multi-site, multi-year study of humic products by USDA researchers Dan Olk and Dana Dinnes finds a clear financial benefit for corn and soybean farmers with applications of humic products.

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