General Application Instructions


There are some general guidelines that can be followed when applying Extracted/Activated Humates.  These are applicable to almost all crops, but you should always consult your local agronomist or crop advisor before using functional, extracted humates. Please note the following application rates are general and should be used as a baseline for determining input costs.

Important: Our humates are extracted and activated, making them highly functional when compared to raw material humate (leonardite, humalite, brown coal, lignite, sub-bituminous coals, etc.).  It is important to note that Raw Material Humate has almost zero agronomical benefit and is not an available form of functional humates.  Our extracted humates on the other hand are functional and highly effective when applied properly.  As a result, we strongly recommend taking soil samples and having a professional soil agronomist make a more detailed application protocol, specific to your crop.  If you have additional questions, please contact us for more information.


General Application Rates

CarboN-10/Nitrogen (Humin)

  • 1-2 gallons per acre per growing season for Agricultural Crops
  • 1 gallon per acre per acre for Grains & wheat
  • 2 gallons per acre for Turf Grass


Humi[K] (Humic Acid)

  • 4-6 lbs. /gallons per acre per growing season for Agricultural Crops
  • 2-4 lbs. /gallons per acre for Grains & Wheat
  • 10 lbs. /gallons per acre for Turf Grass


Ful-Grow Gold (Fulvic Acid)

  • 1 quart per acre Fruit Trees
  • 1 quart per acre added to Foliar Spray 


General Application Timing:

  • Fall Fertilizer Application
  • Spring Pre-Plant
  • Seeding
  • Top Dress


General Application Methods:

  • Seed Drill 
  • In Furrow
  • Side Dress
  • Top Dress
  • Banding
  • Broadcast (Humic Granule)
  • Drip (Humic Liquid, CarboN-10)
  • Foliar (Fulvic + Aminos & Sea Kelp)


Humi[K] Bio/Bio+ “plus” – General Application Methods:

  • Seed Drill
  • In Furrow

Technical Notes:

  • It is generally recommended that Humic is applied in conjunction with required fertilizers.  It is always recommended that a Jar Test be performed before mixing on a large scale.
  • In the Fall or Early Spring, it is generally recommended to apply 1-2 pounds of dry Humi[K] or 1-2 gallons of Humi[K] Liquid concentrate per acre to help condition the soil for planting.
  • Stubble: If stubble from previous year is present, add an extra gallon in the fall for decomposition, with needed fertilizers.
  • High ET: apply Humic Acid with needed fertilizers, especially liquid K when your ET rate is high.
  • Crusting: If you don’t have crusting and other problems such as compaction, high salt, etc, you can apply 2 gal/acre prior to row closing, instead of the 1 gal/acre recommended above.


Seed Treatment with Diamond Grow® Humi[K]

Important Dynamics of Seed Treatment using Humi[K]:

  • In general, 100 grams of Humi[K] WSP is ample for 10 kg of seeds.
  • For 100 kg of seeds, 1000 grams (1 kg) Humi[K] WSP. It translates to 8.14 liters/100 kg of seed of Humi[K] Liquid 12%.
  • When using Humi[K] Liquid for seed treatment, dilute to the ratio of 0.5:20 (25 ml/liter) or 25 ml Humi[K] Liquid to 1000 ml (1 liter).

Important Note: Plants & Seeds are physiologically sensitive to high application rates of biostimulants.

For Example:

If you have 3.5 oz of Humi[K] WSP, you will need 41 liters (11 gal of water) to make the dilution for 10 kg of seeds.

Additional Notes for Seed Treatment with Humi[K]:

When treating seeds, it is more beneficial to use Humi[K] instead of Humi[K] Bio or Bio+ “plus”.

Humi[K] Bio & Bio+ “plus” will perform better when applied in furrow at the time of planting, because of physical contact with the soil, seed, and nutrients. This, in turn, creates organomineral complexes and enhances nutrient release, along with other biological activities. This is excellent for when the seeds are germinating and creating different root structures in the soil.

In daily irrigation systems for hydroponic systems; dilute 1-part Humi[K] in 1000 parts water. The total rate per season (harvest) should not exceed more than 10 gal/acre.

When adding other biostimulants like our Solu-Sea WSP (extracted Sea-Kelp powder), it is vital that you closely assess the morphology of the plants and ensure that they are not overstimulated. Remember, plants & seeds are physiologically sensitive to high application rates of biostimulants.