Humic Acid Granule Patented Water Soluble Diamond Grow® Humi[K] WSG
(Potassium Humate / Humic Acid Granule)

Diamond Grow ® water soluble organic Humi[K] WSG (Water Soluble Granule), Humic Acid Granule is the latest addition to the Diamond Grow® product line. After many years of research and product development, our patented Humi[K] Granulation Process was in full operation early 2014. Humi[K] WSG is produced from our Humi[K] WSP, which is 100% spray dried powder that can be difficult to handle in certain applications.

Our Humi[K] Granulation technologyHumic Acid Granule allows us to offer the same water solubility in a granule form. Humi[K] WSG can be used in many applications such as dry broadcast spreading, blending/mixing with fertilizer, or liquefied for liquid application. Humi[K] WSG also has time release properties when applied dry, slowly dissolving as irrigated. Humi[K] WSG was specifically designed for three distinct functions: Rapid solubility, ease of use and dry broadcast application. Diamond Grow® Humi[K] Granules are a mirror image of our Powdered Humi[K], with all of the same features and benefits.Humic Acid Granule

Humic Acid GranuleContent Analysis

Humic Acid content:
Colorimetric (A&L method) - 99% min.
PTA-FQ-014 (Kononova method) - 70% min.
ISO/AOAC/IHSS methods – 60% min

Fulvic Acid content:
10-15% (V&B method)
5-10% (ISO/AOAC/IHSS/Kononova methods)

Potassium 14%
pH range: 8.5-9.0

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Raw Vs Extracted Humic Acid

Humic Acid Granule

Humic Acid Granule Granule Humic

One of the major benefits of using Humi[K] WSG (extracted/activated Humic Acid) is that its application and utilization by soil and plants can be predicted much more accurately than raw Leonardites or other raw humate products. It is nearly impossible to predict if, how, or when the humic acids from raw Leonardites will ever be released or utilized by the plants and soil. With Humi[K] WSG, the usage rates can be narrowed down to within small margins and the overall response to crops can be achieved with only 1/100 of the typically used rate of Leonardites or other raw humic substances.

Humic Acid Granule

It is also important to note that Humi[K] is a soil stimulant and a transportation vehicle for carrying nutrients into plants. Once connected to the humic acid molecule, nutrients are carried into a plant in available forms that help intensify the plant’s metabolism and stimulate the soil’s natural activities.

Humic Acid Granule

Humi[K] WSG improves the efficiency in which plants utilize nutrients from the soil. In return, this enables a reduction in the amount of fertilizer historically required to maintain optimal plant growth. Obviously, this provides enormous economic and ecological value to growers wishing to reduce their fertilizer input costs and/or reduce the potential side-effects of heavy chemical fertilizers usage.Humic Acid Granule

Usage InstructionsHumic Acid Granule


  Apply directly to the soil in fall or early spring and as many as 4 to 6 applications per growing season.  Always conduct a soil test to determine nutrient levels and make needed amendments to assure good fertility levels in your soil.  Diamond Grow® - Humi[K] WSG is an ideal supplement to aid in the effectiveness of your fertilizer program.  Application rates will vary depending on soil conditions, plant type, nutrient requirement, and application method. Consult your local agronomist or Ag Extension Agent for more information for your specific application.


  Mix 1lb of Humi[K] WSG into 1 gallon of water to create a Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate.

SHAKE WELL prior to further diluting/mixing.

When mixing with water, ­fill container half full, then add Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate to the remaining water.  When mixing with pesticides, dilute Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate with water prior to the addition of buffering agents and pesticides. DO NOT tank-mix with carbonate-based pesticides, as efficacy will decrease. Follow all directions and precautions on pesticide labels prior to mixing with Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate. Ensure adequate agitation in all situations. DO NOT mix Humi[K] Concentrate with calcium nitrate, phosphoric acid, zinc sulfate or other solutions with a pH of less than 6.5


Proper timing, rate, and placement of Diamond Grow ® Humi[K] is important for desired results and highly dependent on the stage of crop growth, soil fertility levels, and environmental conditions.  If unsure of application rates for your specific soils, please consult your local Ag Extension Agent


Agronomic Crops:

4 - 10 lbs. of Humi[K] WSG per acre (4.8-11.2 kg. per hectare). Dry broadcast directly, in furrow planting with seed, or mixed with dry granule N-P-K fertilizer to broadcast.


5-10 lbs. of Humi[K] WSG per acre (5.6-11.2 kg. per hectare) Dry broadcast directly or mixed with dry granule N-P-K fertilizer to broadcast.


Apply 2 quarts of Liquid Humi[K] Concentrate per acre diluted with a minimum of 20 gallons of water.


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Humi[K] WSG (Humic Acid Granule)

▪ Dry Blending with N-P-K Fertilizer

▪ Convert to liquid

▪ Great for hydroponics and soil mediumsHumic Acid Granule

Available Product Variants:Humic Acid Granule

▪ 2-4 mm (200-400 SGN) “AG”
▪ 0.8-1 mm (80-100 SGN) “Turf”

Available Packaging :

- 2,200lb/1MT (Super Sack)
- 55lb/25kg Bags (Pallet)


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