Soil Amendments Patented Water Soluble Diamond Grow® Humi[K] Bio+

Soil Amendments (Humic Acid, Sea Kelp Extract, Microbes and Mycorrhiza) to improve soil health and sustainability (Soil Amendment)

Diamond Grow® Humi[K] Bio+ was developed to deliver beneficial microbes and complex humic acid molecules together into one powerful product that is easy to store, handle and apply. Humi[K] Bio + is available as a granule or powder, which contains an advanced balance of combinatorial chemistry, such as humic acids, sea kelp, minerals, and highly concentrated, specifically selected beneficial microbes. Soil Amendments

Patented Manufacturing Process:

Made from a patented specialized “wet chemistry” extraction of humic and fulvic acids in a soluble granule or powder form. Our process begins with the highest quality raw materials, which are then micro-pulverized in their naturally dry form, precisely blended into our proprietary alkaline or acidic wet chemistry formulas, and subsequently micro-quad filtered to separate all insoluble materials.

Using our proprietary “wet chemistry” extraction process, we ACTIVATE the humic acid molecules, making them more functional and enhancing their plethora of abilities, namely complete ionization, high CEC (Cation Exchange Capacities), buffering, chelation, and complexation.

In sharp contrast, other competitors’ methods of non-alkaline extraction (non-ionized) do NOT activate those functional humic molecules, thus drastically reducing their benefits.

Higher yields, start with Humi[K]


Content Analysis

Nitrogen 1%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 14%
Sea Kelp 5%

Humic Acid Content:
95-97% Potassium Humate (A&L method)
60-65% Humic Acid (CDFA method)


Microbial Blend:

Bacillus Licheniformis2.91 x 107 CFU/gm
Bacillus Megaterium3.47 x 107 CFU/gm
Bacillus Subtilis8.10 x 107 CFU/gm
Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens8.10 x 107 CFU/gm
Bacillus Pumilus8.10 x 107 CFU/gm
Total Bacillus8.07 x 108 CFU/gm

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Mycorrhizal Content:

Endomycorrhizal Fungi1,003 prop/lb Total
Scleroderma cepa, S. citrinum42 prop/g each
Ectomycorrhizal Fungi848,693 prop/lb Total
Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. aggregatum, G. etunicatum 0.55 prop/g each
Rhizopogon villosulus, R. luteolus, R. amylopogon, R. fulvigleba 21 prop/g each

Soil Amendments Overall Benefits of Humi[K] Bio+

❖Enhances seed germination.

❖A complete platform for soil and plant health, fertilizer and water-use efficiency

❖Enhances soil and plant metabolic activities.

❖Major energy sources for beneficial microbes.

❖Liberates carbon dioxide from soil calcium carbonates and enhances root rhizodeposition.

❖Specialized microbes enhance soil and organic matter mineralization.

❖Phosphate solubilizing bacteria.

❖Compete with plants and soil pathogenic species.

❖Reduce oxidized forms (redox) of certain metal ions. In other words, they form radiant energy.

❖Enhance metabolisms of proteins’ RNA and DNA.

❖They have a unique affinity for chemical balance.

❖They contain polysaccharides, amino acids, gibberellins, auxins, and cytokinin’s for plant growth.

❖Reduces abiotic stresses from soil and plants.

❖Enhances aerobic respiration.

❖Activates biochemical processes, their secondary reactions, chemical affinity last over 200 days.

Enhanced Defense

Beneficial Bacillus spp. can compete with other bacteria and fungi that could affect crops. They can inhibit phytopathogenic attacks such as Phytophora, Fusarium, Verticillium, or induce the plants natural defense mechanisms to fight against potential pathogenic attacks.

Specific Functions of Beneficial Microbes:

1. B. Megaterium & B. Amyloliquefaciens:
Promote root growth at the beginning stage of plant's life.

2. B. Amyloliquefaciens: Antagonist to fusarium & sclerotinia.

3. B. Subtilis: Antagonist to phytophthora and pythium.

Beneficial Microbials

❖Improve soil symbiosis

❖Reduce bad bacteria through competitive exclusion

❖Increase root mass development to help deeper penetration into the soil for water sources, thus reducing dehydration during periods of excessive heat

❖Enable the plants to build tolerance to infestations of soil diseases

❖These specialized microbes immobilize organic and inorganic matter through an enzymatic process, which maximizes the availability of absorbable micronutrients for plant uptake and providing enzymes, metabolites, and biomass that aids in building soil structure

These microbes are phosphate-solubilizing bacteria (PSB), a group of beneficial bacteria capable of hydrolyzing organic and inorganic phosphorus from insoluble compounds. Bacillus spp. can compete with other bacteria and fungi that can potentially affect crops adversely. These bacilli can inhibit Phyto-pathogenic attacks such as phytophthora, fusarium, verticillium, or induce-plant natural defense mechanisms to fight potential pathogenic attacks.

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Along with bacteria, fungi are important as decomposers in the soil food web. They convert hard-to-digest organic material into forms that other organisms can use. Fungal hyphae physically bind soil particles together, creating stable aggregates that help increase water infiltration and soil water holding capacity.

Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between fungi and plant roots and is unlike either fungi or roots alone. Most trees and agricultural crops depend on or benefit substantially from mycorrhizae. The exceptions are many members of the Cruciferae family (e.g., broccoli, mustard), and the Chenopodiaceae family (e.g. lambsquarters, spinach, beets), which do not form mycorrhizal associations. The level of dependency on mycorrhizae varies greatly among varieties of some crops, including wheat and corn. Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments
Improved Microbial Growth and Diversity of Soil Microbial Community

Soil heterotrophic organisms play a crucial role in decomposing the organic matter, retaining C and N in their biomass and releasing CO2, CH4, NO2 back to the atmosphere.

Due to its gradual decomposition kinetics, Humi[K] Bio+ continuously provide nutrients utilized by microbial communities. For that reason, Humi[K] Bio+ tend to act as slow-release biostimulants for microorganisms.
Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments Microbes bio humic acid granule with sea kelpSoil Amendments Microbes bio humic acid granule with sea kelp

for illustration purpose only

Humic Acid

Improve nutrient use effeciency while supporting exponential microbial population growth.

Sea Kelp

Accelerate plant growth, enhance resistance to stress and disease.


Provide enzymes, metabolites and beneficial microbial biomass that aid in building soil structure.


Allow plants to draw more nutrients and water from the soil, also increase plant tolerance to different stresses.

Usage Instructions

Directions for Use:
Apply before, during or after planting, or as a seasonal treatment. DO NOT mix with any fungicide or pesticide and wait at least 72 hours before and after treatment before applying Humi[K] Bio+.


Mixing Instructions :
1) Mix 1 lb. (0.45 kg.) Humi[K] Bio+ in 1 gallon (4 liters) of water.
2) Agitate/dissolve Humi[K] Bio+ in water.
3) Dilute with at least 19 gallons (70 liters) of water prior to liquid application.
4) Apply diluted Humi[K] Bio+ solution to soil in fall and early spring with as many as 4 applications per grow season. **DO NOT STORE RECONSTITUTED LIQUID for more than 8 hours (point of use application only).

Application rate (Dry and Liquid):
Agronomic Crops: 5 lbs. of Humi[K] Bio+ per acre (5-6 kg. per hectare) dry broadcast directly, mixed with dry granule fertilizer to broadcast or apply 125-250 gallons diluted Humi[K] Bio+ solution per acre (500 liter- 1000 liters per hectare)


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Humi[K] Bio+

Microbial Benefits:

• Mobilizes Nitrogen

• Solubilizes Phosphate

• Root Mass Development

• Root Health

• Disease Resistance

Mycorrhiza Benefits:

• Enhanced water and nutrient uptake.

• Reduction of irrigation requirements.

• Reduction need for fertilizer.

• Increased drought resistance.

• Increased pathogen resistance.

• Increased plant health and stress tolerance.

• Higher transplanting success.

Available Packaging:

- 2,200lb/1MT (Super Sack)
- 55lb/25kg Bags (Pallet)
- 22lb/10kg Bags (Pallet)


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