Diamond Grow® Humi[K] GYP is a perfect blend of Gypsum and Humic Acid for use as a soil amendment and nano-fertilizer.

Diamond Grow® - Humi[K] GYP was formulated to provide a perfectly balanced blend of Gypsum and Humic Acid. The combinatorial chemistry of Humic Acid and Gypsum allows for enhanced nutrient availability, translocation and improves overall soil health and sustainability.

At Humic Growth Solutions, we perfected the art and science of functional carbons and their fusion with other vital inputs. Our patented 100 percent soluble Humi[K], fused with gypsum, creates special impact zones for soil heath, fertilizer, and water use efficiencies. It is fundamental for creating stable humus, healthy soil aggregates, and high yield and quality outcomes that result in high return on investments.

Content Analysis

98% Gypsum Equivalent
22% Calcium
17% Sulfur
2% Humic Acid (A&L method)
1% Humic Acid (CDFA method)


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Humi[K] Gypsum: A Novel Soil Amendment and Nano-fertilizer

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Purpose: to condition soil, improve water and air penetration, address alkalinity problems, and enhance nutrient absorption. Product suitable for use in Organic Agriculture.

Usage Instructions

Directions for Use:
For use with any well balanced soil/plant nutrition application in all agricultural crop field applications. Use at all times of year when fertilizer pplications occur, i.e. fall fertilizer applications, spring pre plant, at planting, as well as in crop or top-dress. If unsure of application rates for your specific crop(s) or soil(s), please consult your local Agronomic Professional.


Fall Fertilizer Applications: 100-1,000 Ibs./acre
Spring Pre Plant: 100-200 Ibs./acre
Seeding: 60-100 Ibs./acre
Top Dress: 100-200 Ibs./acre


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Humi[K] GYP

▪ Diamond Grow® Humi[K] Gypsum serves as an innovative and dynamic soluble granular.

▪ It is easy to mix.

▪ Offers cost-effective transportation and application ease for growers, commercial and urban horticulturists, along with golf courses, thus enhancing soil sustainability, crop production and return on investment.

Available Packaging:

– 2,000 lb/UST (Super Sack)


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Q): Why Gypsum for Soil Health?

Every year, globally we lose 24,710,000 acres of crop land due to salinization and erosion. Research has shown that a combination of stable humus and gypsum can enhance soil’s aggregate stabilization and salt remediation.

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Q): How does Humi[K] make Gypsum more Functional?

    • Our Humi[K] is power packed with polydispersion, cationic bridging, ionic exchanges, coordinate bonding and polydynamics for metabolic activities.
    • Its nanoparticles, which make contact with gypsum and clay particles, create huge surface areas which in turn enhance micropores, in which roots, water, and nutrients reside.
    • This helps mass flow, root interceptions, and diffusion for nutrient movement in plant roots, namely an influx of slow nitrogen release.
    • Soil salinization is considered the most important abiotic limiting crop production and degrading soil properties.
    • Humi[K] Gypsum will reduce salinization problems vis-à-vis different modes of action.
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