Our Venturi-Solutionizer® allows distributors and farmers to easily convert soluble Humi[K] powder into a liquid Humic concentrate on a commercial scale

Make your own liquid Humi[K], don’t pay to ship water!


Dramatically reduces blending time when converting soluble Humi[K] WSP (Water Soluble Powder) into liquid.

Our customized design generates an ultra-high volume production capacity with an extremely small footprint.

Produce liquid Humi[K] concentrate at a rate of 2,200 GPH (US gallons per hour)

  • 30 gallon extra large opening poly tank.
  • Installed after pump; suction completely empties inductor tank.
  • Keeps tank free of chemicals.
  • 2″ full port flow.
  • Easy assembly/installation with manifold connections.
  • Full Port By-Pass.

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