Proper water treatment

is your KEY to a successful harvest!


If your current treatment program isn’t working… HGS-7 is the most important improvement you can make to your aquaculture farm.

    • Thoroughly sterilize the fry with chlorine before stocking.
    • Vibrio control with HGS-7
    • Rapid residue decomposition with HGS-7
    • The cost of HGS-7 is minimal and much more economical than no treatment at all. Keep your fish and shrimp happy and healthy, maintain control of your water with HGS-7.
    • Visible Residue Decomposition • Rapid Vibrio Control
    • Increased Survival • Optimal Growth


    • Minimize/inhibit the population and growth of vibrio in shrimp/fish hatchery tanks and grow out farms.
    • Eliminate the factors that cause vibrio disease and infection.
    • Visible speed to decompose the residue to amino acid for algae so as to maintain optimal water quality.
    • Drastically reduce ammonia and nitrate levels in the D.O. reservoir.


    • Selective, high potency strains of Bacillus Subtitles, Lactobacillus Lactis, Nitrosomonas SP and Nitrobacter SP, along with suitable activators & carriers.

Application & Dosage:

Hatchery: Every 7-10 days.

    1. Artemia Tank: 3 ppm 2.
    2. Hatching Tank: 3 ppm 3.
    3. Larva Tank: 3 ppm.
    • Add required quantity of HGS-7 into a filler bag and suspend in the larval tank.
    • HGS-7 can be directly added to Algal tanks as early as 4 hours before feeding to larval tanks.
    • HGS-7 can also be added to Artemia hatching tanks to minimize vibrio loads.

Here is a professional way to enhance the effectiveness of HGS-7 even further:

Day 1: Mix HGS-7 with “Brown Sugar Water” in a small tank and let it sit overnight.

Day 2: Spread 1/3 of the solution into your pond and then refill the tank with water.

Day 3: Spread 1/2 of the new solution into your pond and then refill the tank with water.

Day 4: Spread the remaining solution into your pond.

Caution: Never keep HGS-7 that has been mixed with water for longer than 5 days, to avoid the development of miscellaneous bacteria in your tank.